exhibit 2

large windmill servers
I have included a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon on the right to help you visualize the size
"mechanical" -- means that the windmill blades will spin

windmill server spoon
Very busy Dutch genre type art spoon made by a master silversmith doing repousse/chasing workmanship
The scene shows a man drinking from a tankkard while another man plays  a fiddle (viola) and there are five other
people and a dog in the foreground.  Three more people watch the scene from inside the house
There is also a lot of detail on the brick house and it is topped by foilage.
the mechanical windmill is supported by two winged cherubs
The word 'Holland' is stamped near the upper right
There are three unidentified stamps in the upper left and one in the lower right
There is also a sword quality mark on the windmill blade
I suspect that this piece was made in Schoonhoven, Holland ca. mid 1920's.
The word "Holland" was probably stamped to make it adhere to USA laws requiring a mark for source.
I suspect that this spoon is better than 800 silver

windmill silver server
Genre Dutch art scene of a man looking at a contented cow herd.
The silversmith used repousse/chasing to bring out all the fine detail
mechanical windmill
The 'green' spot was dirt and has been removed.
Dutch key overstamp on 2nd quality silver mark (835 silver)
Almost the same bowl can be seen with a ship finial
I suspect that this spoon is from Schoonhoven, Holland ca 1900

windmill server
As you can see this is the identical scene as shown above.
However, the quality is substantially lower. This bowl has been cast from another bowl showing this scene and then
slightly touched up. (this was NOT a casting from my other server).  Holding the two spoons next to each other clearly shows the quality difference .
Untraced mark and a sword quality mark (800). Windmill is not mechanical.
If it was made by the same silversmithing company, they were obviously trying to use shortcuts and there are notable differences between the two spoons.
I am not sure where this spoon was made.

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