exhibit 3

windmill silver server spoons
I have included a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon on the right to help you visualize the size
"mechanical" -- means that the windmill blades will spin

Left spoon has a repousse/chased picture of a windmill in the bowl
There is a key/lion mark indicating 835 silver
There is a possibility that this spoon was modified by someone other than the manufacturer

windmill server spoon

Typical Dutch style genre scene of a woman carrying water pails
Repousse/chased bowl with nice attention to detail
mechanical windmill
manufactured by Herbert Hooijkass after 1913 
I suspect this spoon is from Schoonhoven, Holland ca 1920

windmill server spoon
Repousse/chased coat of arms for Amsterdam
mechanical windmill
835 silver Dutch lion mark/ minerva silver quality mark
I suspect that this spoon was made in Schoonhoven, Holland ca 1900

windmill spoon
Repousse/chased bowl  showing medium quality silver workmanship
mechanical windmill
"De Staalmeesters"
Design is from a 1662 Rembrandt oil painting in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
(also on the Dutch Masters Cigar packaging)
Three untraced marks
I suspect that  this spoon is from Schoonhoven, Holland ca.1900
No silver quality mark, but I suspect it is at least 800 quality

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