Samples of Mechanical Windmills

When we see a windmill, we have been taught to think of Holland. Not surprisingly the majority of windmill spoons are from Holland, although a few are from elsewhere. Windpower was of vital importance at the turn of the last century, and it will be of increasing importance at the turn of the next century.

These windmills are mechanical. They actually revolve. Spoons with mechanical parts are fairly uncommon, but windmill spoons are the exception.

closeup detail of windmills

These are cast pieces and soldered to the spoons as finials

Old Dutch Windmills

The older Dutch spoons often had very pretty highly three dimensional scenes repoussed in the bowl, or the bowls were cast and then soldered onto a stem. These pieces are much more desireable. A modern version is shown in the next section.


Woman with basket                                     Minstrels


            Profile                              Tavern Scene

The four spoons  shown above all have windmill finials.

Modern Dutch Windmill Spoon

These modern spoons may be silver or silver plated.

They are smaller than the pieces previously shown and the bowls do not have the same degree

of three dimensionality.

The windmills usually turn, but sometimes they do not

These pieces are normally very inexpensive

American Engraved Windmills

America is a land of immigrants. Many settlers came from the Low Countries and it is not surprising that we do have windmills in America. (We certainly have enough wind).

Milbank, South Dakota

Lawrence, Kansas

large repousse windmill from Holland. The repousse work is a difficult silversmithing skill. It involves punching the general shape of the object from behind, and then skilled chasing workmanship is required to define the image for the viewer. This process is very skilled labor intensive and is seldom used on spoons.

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