Wayang is a generic term describing a shadow puppet show that was developed in Southeast Asia.
Believed to have developed in India, the Indonesians adopted the style and raised it to a major cultural icon.

The audience sits on one side of a white screen while the Dalang (puppeteer) sits on the other side. A strong light is directed at the puppet which causes a shadow on the
screen which the audience sees. The very detailed  puppets are made from buffalo hide and are mounted on bamboo sticks.
Most of the plays are romantic tales and are adaptations of the Mahabharata and Ramayana, although local stories are also told.

Traditions and morals are taught to the children as they watch the play unfold.

This series of flatware show extensive cutout work. If you are not familiar with this technique --click here

indonesia silver puppet wayang

Both spoons are 800 silver.
These pieces are fairly large so I have included a ruler at the bottom and a normal tea sized spoon to help you visualize the size
The stem represents bamboo
I suspect that both of these servers were intended to serve various types of flat foods

indonesia silver flapjack flatware puppet wayang

notice the extensive cutout work of the puppet figure along with the extensive foilage

indonesia silver puppet wayang caterpillar

Unusual cutout work showing a caterpillar. Insects on silver flatware is quite unusual.

yogya silver indonesia wayang fork puppet

Fairly large meat fork made of 800 purity silver
The wayang figure in the finial is cut out by hand

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