The dalang is the main performer in the entire drama although he is often accompanied by a traditional orchestra.

Wayang (shadow puppetry) is both the most ancient and the most popular type of puppet theater in the world. The performances often last for many hours and all night performances are not unusual.
The dalang will vary his voice to create suspense and invariably the play will climax with the triumph of GOOD OVER EVIL.

indonesia silver slice wayang puppet
both slices are very large 800 purity silver.
I have included a ruler and a normal tea sized spoon to help you visualize the size

I suspect that these servers were designed to serve cake, pie or other pastries

indonesia silver wayang puppet slice

extensive cutout work highlighting a wayang figure along with extensive vines

indonesia silver puppet wayang

extensive cutout and silver workmanship

indonesia silver knife wayang puppet

Example of a wayang knife (800 silver purity)
Knives are much rarer

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