Tourists apparently were interested in sets of six stirrer spoons as quite a few of these sets are in existence
and they are readily available in antique stores

indonesia silver stirrer spoons wayang puppet

Set of six long handled stirrer spoons  (800 purity silver)
These have leaf shaped bowls and wayang finials.
The finials are all hand done, so they are slightly different

indonesia wayang puppet silver stirrer spoons

A different set of leaf shaped stirrer spoons (800 purity silver)

indonesia tea stirrer silver wayang puppet

I only have two from what was probably a set of 6 with conventional shaped bowl.
It is very common to find these spoons individually in less than sets of 6

indonesia silver plated stirrer spoons wayang

These are very cheaply made silver plated stirrer sets.
How to tell the difference
1. in some cases the copper is visible -- see #3 in this picture
2. All of the finials are exactly alike (they were mass produced)
3. all of the bowls are exactly alike (they were massed produced)

indonesia tea stirrer detail

This is a detail picture of spoons from the first set.
Note the differences between them --the cutouts are slightly different
the engraving is slightly different
That is because they were hand made individually

indonesia silver plated stirrer detail
This is a detail picture of the silver plated finials
Note how they are virtually identical

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