Spoonplanet.com  is sponsored by the Spoon Club of
Southern California (SCSC)
. We are a non-profit group
of spoon collectors who have organized to help us
better enjoy our spoon collecting hobby. With our very
limited funds we are sponsoring this website so that we
can educate others about the joys of spoon collecting.

The SCSC publishes a newsletter 4 times per year
which provides information about spoons and current

Our dues are very nominal and basically pay for the cost
of the newsletter. We invite all persons who are
interested in spoon collecting to join even if you can't
attend the meetings which are normally held in the
greater Los Angeles area about six times per year. The
newsletter is 'professionally' done and  worth receiving.
If you are interested in joining or learning about our
spoon collecting club, please send an email to
Nickie D.


click for the membership application form

There are also several other spoon clubs in the USA
These email addresses are subject to change

The website of the National Spoon liason committee may be seen at

Northwest Spoon Collectors, c/o Bob Corson, Email: rccorson@earthlink.net

Southwest Spoon Collectors Club, c/o Debbie Pankey, Email: debpankey@sbcglobal.net 

Northeastern Spoon Collectors Guild website may be viewed at

There are no regularly published commercial periodicals
(except newsletters) devoted exclusively to spoons, but
articles about spoons are frequently found in magazines
devoted to various antiques or hobbies. The author of
these articles can often direct new collectors to
established spoon clubs.

does publish a regular newsletter to which you can subscribe
for info - -click here

Silver Magazine is the only regularly published
periodical specializing in silver. It sometimes publishes an
occasional article about spoons.

We also co-sponsor with other clubs a national library
of published spoon and silver related information.  you
can contact our spoon librarian -- Debbie Pankey

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