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I am very willing to discuss spoons and
help you identify your spoons, but I do
not do FREE appraisals of collections.

If you have spoons you want to sell, contact me and I may make an offer or refer you to someone else.
When writing a verbal
description of a spoon, I usually cannot visualize what you may be
thinking  so please send
a picture of the spoon. I do not need
super good quality - -use the least quality setting on your camera
put 5 - 10 spoons in a picture and put a ruler in the picture
please do not send more than 5 pictures until I ask for more.
This site consists of about 5000 files
and inevitably errors are discovered. If
you find a broken link, a description error or have new
information regarding pictured spoons,
please send me an email.

If you would like to contribute an article, please contact me.

If you are  asking about a particular spoon --I need to see a picture
      This site is maintained by
      Wayne Bednersh

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