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Main index of all available spoon exhibits
(alphabetical order)

For a customized search, click HERE and in the google search box enter your search term followed by "". exp. "bridge spoons"
In the Beginning (Salem Witch history)
A. Adler
AAUW (Amer Assoc. of Univ. Women)
Advertising Spoons
Aesthetic Silver Beginnings
Aesthetic Silver spoons
Aesthetic style souvenir spoons
Aesthetic style server spoons
African spoons
Alaska Yukon Expo spoons
Alaska Yukon (AYPE) history & more
Alaskan carved ivory/walrus spoons
Alaskan Tlinget spoons
Alaskan Spoons
Amber gem spoons
American/Canada gemstone spoons
American Indian gemstone spoons
American Legion
American Samoa
American Woman's League
Animal Powered Transportation
25th Anniversary Set
Antique Heads (medallion style)
Apostle Spoons
Araucanian Indians (Chile)
Arrowhead spoon
"Art Deco" Spoons
"Art Nouveau" Spoons     
"Art Nouveau" Cloisonne spoons
"Art Nouveau -- Coffee spoon sets"
"Arts and Crafts" index
"Arts and Crafts" --American
"Arts and Crafts" conventional flatware
"Arts and Crafts"--European
"Arts and Crafts"  --Jensen
"Arts and Crafts" modern
"Arts and Crafts: --very unusual
arts and craft gemstone spoons
Arts, opera, museum, theatre spoons
Athena/Moses spoon/fork set
Auditorium spoons
Augustus the Strong
Australia and New Zealand Spoons  
Award spoons
Baseball spoon
Battle of the Caribbean spoon
Battleship spoons  
Battleship -Maine
Battleships Spanish American war pt 1
Battleships Spanish American war pt 2
Bear spoons
Belgium Spoons
Berlin Air Lift Commemorative
Berry spoons -figural
Berry or Fruit spoons
Berry Spoons with Gold nuggets
Berry spoon bowls details
Betsy Ross flag spoon
Billie Possum spoon
Bird Spoons
Birth and Baptism spoons
"Blacks on Spoons" (5 exhibits)
Blimp Spoon
Block Houses & First Houses
BonBon Caddy Spoons (**8 exhibits**)
Bonbon Servers
Bonbon ship spoon/servers
Bonbon souvenir spoons
Bonbon twin dolphins servers
Bon bon unusual spoons
Bon bon water carrier spoons
Bon bon windmill spoons
Bone and Wood Spoons (unique)
Boy Scouts of America
Bridge spoon index
Brooklyn Bridge spoon exhibit
Cairo Bridge spoon exhibit
Canada Bridge spoon exhibit
Cincinnati Bridge spoon exhibit
Duluth Bridge spoon exhibit
Eads Bridge spoon exhibit
Europe Bridge spoon exhibit
General Bridge spoon exhibit
Spiral Bridge spoon exhibit
British & Canadian & Dutch Royalty
British cities and places
British Anointing Spoons
British Annointing Spoons history
British Coronation  Spoons
British groups/more
British London
British Royalty Spoons
British Souvenir Spoons
British spoon index
Burmese ruby spoons
Business Buildings NYC
Business Buildings -industrial
Business Skyscraper
Business Skyscrapers part 2
Cactus Spoons
California Location Spoons
California Mid Winter Fair (1894)
California Missions spoon exhibit
California smaller cities spoon exhibit
California Theme Parks spoon exhibit
Camel spoons
Canada Military spoons
Canada Monuments spoons
Canadian Spoons
Canadian spoons demi
Canadian Province Spoons
Capitol Building spoons  
Car Spoons (Automotive)
Caribbean Spoons
Cascade Mountain  spoon exhibit
Cat Spoons
Catalina Island spoon exhibit
Catalina Island spoon exhibit 2
Spoons from Central America
"Century of Progress" world fair-- 1934
Ceremonial Spoons
Champleve Technique
Character spoons
Charles Dickens Spoons
George W. Childs
City Hall Spoons  
City Names Art Deco style
City Names Art Nuevo - hand made
City Names coats of arms
Civil War Spoons  
Civil War Spoons -- battle monuments
Civil War Monument spoons
Civil War Spoons -- Old Abe
Claret Spoon and stirring spoons
Cliff House spoons (San Francisco)
Cloisonne spoons
Coffee Bean Spoons
Coin Spoons   (spoons  using coins)
Coin spoons -old Greek & Roman
Coin spoons - Africa
Coin spoons - Australia
coin spoons - Austria .Tyrol Rebellion
Coin spoons --Brazil
Coin Spoons - Britain
Coin Spoons - Canada (Hong Kong)
Coin spoons - Colombia
Coin spoons - Costa Rica
Coin spoon -- Cuba
Coin spoon -- Ecuador
Coin spoons - -embedded
Coin spoon -- France
Coin spoons  Germany (old)
Coin spoon  Germany East Africa
Coin spoons - (Greece -modern)
Coin spoons -- Guatemala
Coin spoon -- Haiti
Coin spoons - Holy Roman Empire
Coin spoon --Iceland
Coin spoon --India
Coin spoons -Iran
Coin spoons - Islamic
Coin Spoons - Italy
Coin spoon - Latvian
Coin spoons --Mexico
Coin spoons -Netherlands
Coin spoons -- Peru
Coin spoon - Russian
Coin spoons -- South America
Coin spoon  Spain and Portugal
coin spoon -- Spanish Trade  Dollar
Coin spoon -- Switzerland
Coin Spoon -Tiffany, Japan
Coin Spoon -Turkey
Coin Spoons -- USA
Coin Spoon -- Vatican
Coin Spoons --Venezuela
Coin Spoons -Venice/Austria
Colleges and University Spoons  
Colony spoons (13)
Colorado Cruiser Spoon
Colombian Emerald Spoons
Colombian God Emerald Spoons
Columbian World Fair (Chicago 1893)
Corn,Wheat, Peanut & Cotton 
Courthouse spoons (and Justitia)
Cowboy and Rodeo Spoons
Croquette Server Spoon  
Spoons from Cuba
USS Cruiser Toledo
Cupid's Haven
Dandy spoon
Danish maidenhead Lord's prayer
DAR (Daughters of Amer. Rev.)
Denmark spoons
Devil Spoon
Diana -- The Huntress servers
Dionne Quintuplets  info page  
Disaster Spoons-Iroquois Theater Fire
Displays 2017 convention
Douglass, Frederick spoons
Dragon spoon rest
Dragon spoons
Dragon Hunter
Dragon/mermaid spoon
Drake/Raleigh spoon
Drinking spoon
Dutch version of American History

Eastern European made spoons
Egyptian Spoons
Electroformed spoons
Enamel techniques
European Area Large Servers
European gemstone spoons
European Picture Bowl Spoons
Expositions (world fairs)

Famous Places (a few famous sites)
Female Royalty Server index
Fifteenth Century spoon
Figural Servers
Figural spoons  
Filigree spoons
Filigree Sets
The Fischer Chess Story 
Fish House Club
Fishy Spoons (fishes and fishing)
Flag Spoons (hand painted flags)
Florida Spoons
Flower Girl server
Flower spoons - Enameled
Flute player spoon
Folding spoon
For Home and Country
Foresters (IOF)
Fort Spoons -part 1
Fort Spoons -part 2
Fountain Spoons
Four H (4H) clubs
France souvenir spoons
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Fraternal Organizations (15  groups)
Frederic the Great
Frequently Asked Questions
Funeral server
Funeral Devil server
Funeral Spoons
Gambling Spoons
Garfield spoons
Gemstone illegal substance spoons
Gemstone Spoons  (19 jeweled exhibits)
Gemstone tea stirrers
German Flatware (child set)
German Spoons
German Spoons continuation
Germany-The Grand Tour
Spoons from Gibraltar
Gloversville (Johnson) spoon
Gold Spoons (14kt)
Golden Gate Int'l Expo
Golf spoons
Good Luck Spoons (Amer,Can.,Europe)
Good Luck Spoons (Brazil)
Good Luck Spoons (Oriental)
Good vs. Evil
Gorham La Fleur
Gothic Revival Arts and Crafts spoons
Gothic Revival Plique-a-jour spoon
Gothic Revival spoon
Gothic Style 60th anniv. spoon
Grand Int'l Auxiliary
Grant Birthday Dinner spoon
Grape Leaves Demi Set (Finland)
Greek Revival spoons
Greek Spoons
Guatemala gem stone spoons

Guilloche spoons
Gun Cartridge spoon
Halley Comet medallions
Hamsa Hand Spoons
Hans Christian Andersen Story Spoons
Harbor views (2 exhibits)
Harbor views -Michigan
Hawaii Spoons
Hawaii wood spoons
Help Needed
Hermann Monument spoons
High School Spoons
Holland, J.C.
Hooked end Servers
Horn Spoons (Carved)
Horse and Rider spoons
Hospital and Medical Spoons
Houdini Spoon
Hotel Spoons  
Hotel Boulderado
Huge Spoon Index
Hummel Spoons
Hydro (dams,aqueducts,levee) spoons  
Iceland 1000th Anniversary
Indian (American) spoons (part 1)
Indian spoons full Figural part 2
Indian spoons partial figurals part 2
Indian spoons-- specific Chiefs
Indian Spoons Navajo, Pueblo & Zuni  
Indian spoons salad sets Navajo
Indian Spoons Navajo Yei Figure
Indian spoons Eskimo,Tlinget & Haida
Indian spoons Villages and Scenes
Indian spoons gemstone
Indian totem pole spoons
Indian war spoons
Indonesian Servers (large and unusual)  
Ingersoll the Agnostic spoon
Insect and bug spoons
Invention Spoons
Iroquois theater fire disaster
Israel gemstone spoons
Italian Murano Glass spoons
Italian spoons  
Italian City States + Vatican + more
Italian shovel bowl spoons
Italian Style Gothic spoon
Jackson spoons
Japanese Figural Demi Spoons  
Japanese Geisha Spoons
Japanese gemstone spoons
Japanese lucky god spoons
Japanese Oyster Spoons
Japanese Samurai and Porcelain Finials  
Japanesque Silver
Jefferson spoon
Joan of Arc spoons
Johnson, Andrew spoon
Jules Verne, Tampa spoon
Judaica Spoons
Kenya and African Spoons (+lion tooth)
Knights of Columbus
Knights of Pythias
Knights Templar
Korean Enamel spoons & chopsticks
Korean round cloissone forks
Ladies Aid Society
Ladies of the Modern Maccabees 
Lapland Wedding Spoons
Large conventional style servers p.1
Large conventional style servers p.2
Large conventional style servers p.3
Large European Servers
Laura Secord spoon
Library spoons  
Liechtenstein  spoons
Lincoln spoons
Lion/staff/mermaid server
Literary Figure spoons (writers/poets)
llama spoons
Local parks spoons
Local product spoons
Long Beach spoon exhibit
Los Angeles spoon exhibit
Los Angeles oranges spoon exhibit
King Louis XVi
Louisiana Purchase Expo
Love Spoons
Love Spoons analysis
Love Token Spoons
Mackinac island (Arch rock)
Mardi Gras Spoons
Marie Antoinette
Marriage spoon index
Marriage server 1776
Marriage/wedding Servers
Marriage/wedding part 1
Marriage/wedding part 2
Marshall Plan and WW2 victory
McKinley, William (Pres.)
Medallion Flatware
Medallion Presentation Spoon
Medallion souvenir spoons
Medicine Spoons
Mediterranean Island spoons
Mexican Border War
Mexican bull fighting spoons
Mexico Spoons
Mexico carved gemstone spoons
Michelsen Christmas spoons
Military Camps
Military Monument spoons
Military Spoons (figural)
Military WW1 Generals/Admirals
Mining spoon index
Mines spoons
Mining gold pan spoons
Mining prospector spoons
Mixed Metal spoons
Modern silver plated spoons
Mohawk Doctor spoon
Monaco spoons
Monkey spoons (marriage & funeral)
Montana Silver Statue
Month spoons
Moon Landing spoon
Moses/Funeral server
Mountain Spoons
Mountain  Spoons (Cascades)
Movie Star Spoons (1920's)
Music Pie servers
Music Spoons
Mustache Spoon
My Old Kentucky Home spoons
Mystery Spoon
Mythological Figure Spoon

Napoleon Bonaparte Spoons
Naval ship yard spoons
National Park spoons
Nebraska Hammer
Admiral Horatio Nelson
Neoclassic Period spoon
New Broadway Dept. Store
New York World Fair 1939  
New Zealand gemstone spoons
Niagara Falls spoons
Noble woman server spoon
Non-silver Communist  spoon exhibit
Norway spoons
Norway constitutional centennial
Norway map spoon
Nordic Enamel spoons  
Norwegian and Danish Baptism spoons
Norwegian Tinn Spoons
Nude female form spoons
Nuremberg clock tower
Nut Spoons (mixed metals, "A&C")

Oath of Haruti
Observatory spoons (& Halley's Comet)
Odd Fellows
OES (Order of Eastern Star)
Oil Well Spoons  
Old Buildings
Old Man of the Mountain spoon
Olive Servers
Orange Spoons (the fruit)
Oriental Spoons
Oriental gemstone spoons
Osler Spoon
Oslo Olympics (1952)
Owney the Postal dog spoon
Palm  Tree Spoons  
Pan American Expo -- Buffalo, NY, 1901
Pan Pacific Expo San Francisco
Pan Pacific Expo San Diego
Panama canal spoons
Passenger Ships (2 exhibits)
Patriotic Order of Americans
People finial servers
Pere Marquette (French explorer)
Persian prayer spoon
Persian style Spoons
Spoons from Peru
Peter the Great Server
Pewter spoons
Piasa Bird Spoon
Pine Cone  spoons
Platypus server spoon
Plique-a-jour spoons (stained glass effect)
Polar exploration spoons
Political Spoons  
Population Center spoon
Porcelain handle spoons
Portrait spoons
Portugal spoons
Post Office Spoons  
Prague spoons
Presentation spoon (military hospital)
Presidents of USA -selected
President Series (Oneida,IS,Roger Bros)
Prison Spoons
Prize Spoons  
Punch Ladle (1750 -1775)
Queen Elizabeth 1 spoon
Queen Victoria  
Queen victoria (art nouveau style)
Queen Victoria Court
Queen Wilhelmina server
Rape of Sabine Women spoon
Rebus Spoons
Red Cross spoons
Religious Themed Servers
Rembrandt server
Revolutionary War spoons
Rodent Spoons
Roosevelt, Franklin D. spoon
Roosevelt, Theodore spoons
Royal Arcanum
Royal Mail Ships spoons
Royal Princess funeral spoon
Russian Spoon Index
Russian czar souvenir spoons
Russian Chimera spoon set
Russian Cloisonne and Enamel Spoons
Russian Cloisonne and Enamel detail photos
Russian Silver Engraved Spoons
Russian Silver Niello Spoons
Russian Claw Spoon
Russian Communist Era Spoons
Russian arrow spoons
Sailing Ship spoon --huge 3 exhibits
Salter Spoon
Sami Server
San Diego spoon exhibit
San Diego Mission spoon exhibit
San Francisco spoon exhibit
San Francisco Cliff House spoon exhibit
San Francisco Golden Gate spoon exhibit
San Francisco Chinatown spoon exhibit
San Gabriel (Los Angeles) Mission spoons
Save the Rhine Spoon
Scales of Justice
Scholar Spoon
Scream spoon
Scrimshaw Spoons (Alaska)
Sea Shell Spoons
Shriners spoons
Ships spoon exhibits index
Siam Ceremonial Spoons
Skyline Spoons (handles and major cities)
Skyline Spoons (bowls and smaller cities)
Slices (fish & other)
Snake Spoons
Soc. of Miniature Rifle club (SMRC)
Soldier Lover
Solvang spoon exhibit
South American gemstone spoons
Spanish American War Battleships
Spanish American war themes
Spanish Speaking Countries Spoons
Spoons from South America
Spoons from Spain
Spoon Pricing (determining prices)
Spoon Stories
Sports Spoons
St. Louis Exposition
St. Mihiel Spoon
Stamp Spoons
State Seals (Shepard Wavy Handle)
State Series (Roger)
Statue of Liberty Spoons
The A.C. Stich story
Stirring Spoons
Stork/snake server
Straw Spoons
Strawberry Spoons (large)
Stutz Bearcat
Swedish souvenir
Swiss family genealogy spoons
Swiss Guard Serving spoon
Switzerland spoons
Tea Equipage (very old / unusual spoons)
Thanksgiving Spoons
Theatrical Presentation Spoons
Three wise monkeys (Albert Gilchrist)
Tibetan Tsog spoons
Tooth spoons
Torture Spoon -- Iron Maiden
Totem Pole Spoons
Train Spoons (trains and train stations)
Transportation Spoons (dogsled + more)
Trees on Spoons
Trench of Death (trench art spoons)
Trumpet Player spoon
Turkish Spoons
United Commercial Travelers
Veiled Prophet spoon
Victorian Engraved Spoons
Victorian Era Repro's - with examples  
Victorian Housing spoons
Victorian oddity spoons
Victorian Style Spoon Index 17 exhibits
Vienna spoons
Volendam, Holland Demitasse Set
Washington D.C. spoons
Washington, George spoons
Washington, George (Galt)
Water Carrier Servers
Waterfall  Spoons
Webfoot Spoons (Oregon Frog)
Wedding & Marriage Spoons
Whaleback spoon
Whimsy spoon fantasy
Whimsy spoon sculpture art (spoon art)
Whimsy spoon monuments (large)
Wild West Show
Wilson spoons
Windmill Spoons  (3 exhibits)
Woman's Rights Spoons
Wondrous West spoons
World Fair (expo's) Spoons  
World War 1 trench art spoons
Wright Airplane
Yogya --old style flatware
Yogya-Wayang-large #A
Yogya-Wayang -large #1
Yogya-Wayang -#2 -slices
Yogya-Wayang #3 -fish
Yogya-Wayang #4 -leaf servers
Yogya-Wayang #5-small flatware
Yogya-Wayang #6 -stirrers
Yukon antler Spoons
Yukon Gold Spoons (also AYPE Expo)
Yukon gold nugget set of six
Zodiac Spoons  
Theme  suggestions indexes
Because of the large number of exhibits available,
I have created many sub indexes to help you find the spoons you want to see. But you can still use the main index  as there are a lot of exhibits not categorized elsewhere.

Aesthetic spoon index
Animal spoon index
Asian spoon index
Berry server spoon index
Black spoons index (about black people)
BonBon Spoons 
Bone and Wood Spoons (unique)
Bridge spoons (9 exhibits)
British Spoon Index
Business Buildings index
California spoons index
Coin Spoons (spoons made with coins)
Country spoons index
Event index
Fraternal Organizations (23 different groups)
Gemstone Spoons  (20 jeweled exhibits)
Huge Spoon Index
Indian Spoons
Marriage spoon index
Mining spoons
Monkey spoon index --very different
Plant (flower) related spoons
President spoon exhibits
Russian spoon Index
Scandinavian spoon index
Ships spoons exhibits
Spanish Speaking Countries Spoons
Spoon Index by States
Spoon Stories
Spoon Styles Index
Victorian Style Spoon Index 17 exhibits
World Fair (expo's) Spoons

Pricing your spoon

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Silver Markings
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