We find birds pictured in a number of ways on spoons. We all "know that storks bring babies", so manufacturers made a number of stork spoons to be used as birth record spoons. (Please don't ask where this custom came from, because I haven't the foggiest idea). Note: I do not know a lot about birds. If any readers care to enlighten me with facts, I would be happy to update this page with any additional information.

The bowls on these spoons are sometimes engraved with a name, date, measurements etc.

The picture on the right is custom cutout on a twisty handle

This image of a mother bird spreading her wings and protecting her chicks has been reproduced on a number of pieces of silver, furniture, artwork etc. It seems to have been quite popular in the "low countries"

These are inexpensive European imported spoons showing various birds

the rightmost spoon is pictured below. The unusual sugar scoop bowl contains a picture of three cows and a farmer in heavy 3-D. This is a scene from an old Dutch painting.

The picture above and the two pictures below are all the same set of spoons. These silver plated spoons are from Czechoslovakia. I do not normally collect silver plated pieces, but these spoons are very pretty. All of the pictures are made using the transfer print/ hand colored process.


This spoon is a German made 800 silver spoon of a Kiwi bird from New Zeeland

It was also done with a transfer print.

These are examples of birds found on Monkey spoons. These usually indicate a

"marriage spoon"

More information on Monkey spoons can be found on that page-see the index

The Japonese period in silver (1870-1890) often used bird motifs.

More information can be seen under Oriental Spoons from the index.

The left spoon is a bright cut piece ca 1880-90 with a bird engraved on it. Very difficult to see in the picture. The right spoon in the first picture has a bird embossed in the design near the top--also very difficult to see. This spoon is ca. 1875 - 1885 and also has an engraved design in the oval fluted bowl--see picture below. The right most picture is also from the Japonese era of American silver. It is a large tablespoon from the firm of Wood and Hughes.

parrot from Brazil (fork)

more birds may be seen at Gorham's La Fleur exhibit

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