Bonbon spoons are designed to serve small candies, but can also be used on a wide variety of foods.

The spoons on this page are cute items that are attributable to the larger souvenir spoon fad.

san francisco bon bon spoon poppy
Wonderful sterling poppy bowl with San Francisco handle.
This spoon is made depicting 3 different cities

bon bon souverir spoons bonbon
A nice eclectic  mix of sterling (800) quality bonbon souvenir spoons

bonbon bon bon spoon
Dutch ship bowl

bonbon bon bon spoon
open work coat of arms of the British monarch (Canadian made)
'God given right to govern'

bonbon bon bon spoon
Engraved view of the light house at Charlevoix, Michigan

bonbon bon bon spoon
Embossed harbor view of Montreal

bonbon bon bon spoon
nice openwork of a Caleche with art nouveau styling

bonbon bon bon spoon snake eagle
Finial depicts the classic battle between the eagle and the snake.
This genre has been traced to ancient Babylonia and is used to
view  the  struggle between our goals and our baser instincts.
The Mexican flag also depicts this same image.

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