At the invitation of the President, the US east coast became the scene of the greatest naval pageant
in the history of the world. Nations from around the world participated and
sent their warships and commercial vessels to Hampton Roads, Va. in April of 1893.

The ships then sailed to New York harbor. They manouvered around,
paraded and saluted each other for several days, until they
finally dispersed leaving only the memories of this historic naval review.

naval spoon hampton roads 1893

hampton roads to new york spoon

This very pretty sterling spoon commemorates this historic event.
This is the only spoon for this event which I have ever seen. (if you have others, let me know)

Viking, a replica of the Gokstad spoon

This is the Viking, a replica of the Gokstad (a viking ship believed to be similar to one used by Leif Ericson) as shown in a famous
1893 painting "Leif Eiriksson discovers America" by Christian Krohg.

This replica was sailed to Chicago as a Scandinavian gesture of good will as part of the pre exposition celebration.

The beautiful sterling  spoon is  by Peter Hertz of  Copenhagen, Denmark.

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