Knights of Columbus Fraternal Spoons

At this time I only have one nicely enameled spoon from this fraternal organization.

This nicely made Knights of Columbus spoon features an enameled finial of the organization at the finial position with crossed hatchets behind. I am not familiar with the meaning of the many symbols found on this spoon so I will simply describe them.

Below the finial is a bust of George Washington (I think) with an armored knight below which also features crossed swords.

Below is a skull and crossbones (pirate symbol) and below that is another hatchet.

The name of the organization is vertical on the lower stem. The back is engraved "Elizabeth Dec. 11, '06" and there is also a retailer patent mark for 1906 (Condon and Wrigley) although the spoon was manufactured by the souvenir spoon division of Watson Silversmiths.

There is also a lesson in humility here. I recently purchased this spoon without examining the enameling carefully. The yellow in the finial is missing a very small piece of enamel which reduces the value of the spoon. CAVEAT EMPTOR--I should have been more careful before making the acquisition.

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