New Zealand Souvenir Spoons

This cute spoon from Napier, New Zealand features a hand painted image of a Maori Chief. Note: the discoloration in the photo is a result of the scanner which is unable to pick up the detail on a curved surface, and not on the spoon.This spoon is silver plated.

Wellington Coat of Arms
Marked as being made by J.F of Birmingham, England, 1926.

The kiwi is shown on many New Zealand spoons. The discoloration is from the scanner. This spoon was made in Germany for resale in NZ.

This is a Maori Tiki  This was the name given to the first man on earth. Where the hand is, is where the strength is. The mouth - having the ability to communicate, the heart - pure and loving, the loins - fertility.  (thank you Margo)

Cute tiny hand made spoon (2.5" 70mm) with paua shell finial and the coin bowl is a George V1 half penny dated 1947. Interestingly, the bowl is inverse of the front of the handle in the "old style"

Gemstone Spoons

This cute paua shell handle is on a hand assembled spoon

Paua shell on an art deco stem--marked "silver"

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