Spoons with questionable marks

The spoons pictured on this page are probably old Imperial Russian spoons.
There are 'fakes' on the antiques market.  
It appears that most of the Russian 'fakes' are larger pieces and there are no known Russian spoon 'fakes'.
But the markings on these spoons are not complete.

Russian cloissone enamel silver spoons
These are indeed beautiful looking spoons, but the marks are not complete or are unreadable

Russian cloissone enamel silver spoons
Front view

Russian cloissone enamel silver spoonsRussian cloissone enamel silver spoonsRussian cloissone enamel silver spoons
1.  spoon has a maker mark of 'AN' but no purity mark or other identification
2. Has an unreadable maker mark and it looks like the other marks have been overstamped 
3. Has an 88 purity mark which is incomplete and a maker mark which has been overstamped making it unreadable

Norway cloissone silver spoon
This spoon has legitimate Marius Hammer marks from Norway indicating it is 900 silver
I have included it here because it looks so much like the Russian spoons that I was even  fooled until I saw the marks.
I am not really surprised that Marius Hammer made spoons that look like the Russian spoons, but this is the first one which I have seen.

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