Russian Spoons

                                                                                    russian enamel spoon bird

Russian spoons are very popular with today's collectors. First the silver produced under the Czar has some of the finest quality enameling that has ever been done and they are beautiful.

When the Communists first came to power, they confiscated much of the silver/gold wealth of the nation, however some  fleeing aristocratic families were able to ship some of their treasures to the West.
In more current times, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, significant amounts of Russian silver suddenly became available and because of economic circumstances, much of this silver was shipped to the United States.

Currently wealthy Russians are re-buyng this silver in the marketplace.

I have broken this exhibit into several pages to organize it for maximum affect. Be sure to visit all of the exhibits.

Russian Cloisonne and Enamel Spoons
Russian Cloisonne and Enamel detail photos
Russian enamel spoons with ? marks

Russian Silver Engraved Spoons
Russian czar era souvenir spoons

Russian Silver Niello Spoons
Russian Claw Spoon
Non-silver Communist Eastern Block spoon exhibit
Russian Communist Era Spoons
Russian arrow spoons
Russian chimera spoon set
Russian Moscow Views

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