sami silver  server spoons
I have placed a ruler and a typical tea sized spoon in the picture to help you evaluate size

The server on the left is a completely hand made spoon by F. Morken of Trondheim, Norway from 830 quality silver.
Most of  Mr. Morken's existing pieces  were made around 1911-12 era.
It exhibits excellent quality silver workmanship, including design engraving and chasing.

The right spoon is a tourist style spoon representing a Lapp wedding spoon.

sami silver spoonsami picture

Sometimes it is very difficult to figure out the meaning of a spoon or server. This one caused me hours and hours of research until I finally figured it out.
The figure on this server was modeled on the right figure in the above picture. This picture was one of the first and more iconic images made of the Sami People
ca. 1890 who live in the cold northern area of Sweden and Norway.
The hat and other minor modifications on the spoon figure were changed, but for the most part the spoon matches the right figure.

Below the figure is a sun (and throughout the handle design)-- as this area is known as the "land of the midnight sun".

sami spoon

Engraved in the gold washed bowl is a cliff and the word "Nordkapp" (The North Cape) as well as the "midnight" sun.
Nordkapp, Finmark, Norway  is one of the most northerly towns in the world and the administrative center of the area.
The summer season which last 3 months attracts many tourists.
The 1007 foot high cliff is often called the northernmost point of Europe, but that is technically not accurate.

lapland wedding serverlapland wedding server

Tourist style Lapland wedding server. This example is larger than most of the tourist examples

sami village picture spoon
I came across this old colorized picture of a Sami family and thought that it adds context to these spoons

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