battle ship spoons
all spoons are sterling

1.  Battleship Connecticut is an acid etched picture, Reed & Barton pattern handle
2. USS New York battleship, unknown manufacturer
3.  USR Independence,  Wallace Silversmiths
4. demi, US Battleship Oregon, Towle
5. demi, New York's Sampson,  no manufacturer mark

battleship connecticutt spoon

Acid etched view of the Battleship Connecticut

There have been several ships by this name. This one is #18 and it was a 16,000 ton class six battleship built in New York and commissioned in September, 1906.
She became the flagship of the Atlantic fleet and led the fleet in an historic around the world cruise ending in 1909

battleship New York spoon

There have been seven battleships named the USS New York
I am unsure which version this poor engraving is supposed to represent
The spoon says "Galveston" which was probably one of its ports of call
also see the USS New York spoon below

USR Independence ship spoon

The USRS Independence  was a wooden hulled three masted ship which was the first to be commissioned by the US Navy in 1836
The ship served in the Mexican - American War and in the Mediterranean
It was at the Mare Island Navy Yard  (Vallejo, Cal) until 28 November 1914
It was sold to a private party to be converted into a restaurant for the Pan Pacific World Fair (PPIE) in San Francisco, but that project was never  completed

battleship oregon spoon

This hand engraved demi  spoon reflects an important aspect of US naval history.
 The US Navy wanted long range battleships, but some members of Congress objected saying that they should only be used for coastal defense.
Theodore Roosevelt overcame Congressional opposition -- thus  the USS Oregon became a class of  'sea going coast line battleships' (oxymoron).  The Oregon became one of the first true battleships ever built.

At the outbreak of the Spanish American War, the Oregon was ordered to Florida. It made the record 14,700 mile trip around the S. American horn and through the dangerous waters of the Straits of Magellan
in an impressive 67 days and its progress was closely followed by the American public via newspapers.

During the Battle of Santiago, the Oregon was very active and was a major reason for the victory against the Cristobal Colon.

In 1900, the Oregon carried US troops to quell the Boxer Rebellion in China.

Despite being decommissioned in 1914, she was later recommissioned and served as the US Pacific Fleet flagship during the Great War.

In 1925, she became a floating monument in Portland, Oregon

New York Sampson battleship spoon

Commissioned on 8/1/1893, The USS New York was the flagship of the Atlantic fleet and was commanded by Admiral Sampson.
She participated in a bombardment of San Juan, Puerto Rico on 5/12/1898 and then sailed to Santiago Harbor, Cuba where the Spanish fleet was located..
She arrived too late to play a major part in this battle, but as the lead vessel she received much of the acclaim.

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