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sailing ship spoons

Huge ship spoons exhibit 1

Huge ship spoons exhibit 2

Huge ship spoons exhibit 3

Bonbon ships spoons exhibit

Passenger ship spoons exhibit  1

Passenger ship spoons exhibit 2

Battleship spoons

Battleship --Maine

Battleship spoons -- Spanish American war

Colorado Cruiser

USS  Toledo silver service

Michigan harbor views and ships

Harbor views exhibit 1

Harbor views exhibit 2

Shipyard spoons

Caddy ship spoons

Whaleback exhibit

Royal Mail ships exhibit

Spoons made of pewter have been found at the sites of several shipwrecks. While many of these artifacts can’t be used on a boat today, many yacht owners will purchase marine artifacts to be displayed as art on their power catamaran. The ship named Queen Anne’s Revenge revealed many artifacts, including spoons!

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