exhibit 2

harbor view spoons
all spoons are sterling
1. demi, Welland Canal Thorold, Canada, Bn Co.
The Welland Canal bypasses the Niagara Falls to enable shipping in the Great Lakes area.
2. demi, Lachine Rapids, Montreal
3. Launching scene, Newport News, Va., Shepard
4. demi, Havana, Cuba, Canada manufacture
5. demi, The Bore, Petitcodiac river, Moncton, NB., Canada enameled maple leaf finial

havana harbor spoon
Embossed view of Morro Castle, Havana, Cuba
Built in 1589, Morro Castle dominates the view of Havana Harbor

lachine rapids spoon
embossed view of Lachine Rapids, Montreal
Three miles of rapids in the St. Lawrence River were a major hazard to shipping

launching newport news spoon
Engraved launching scene at Newport News, Va.
A large ship building facility and coastal port was built by Collis P. Huntington of the Peninsula extension of the Chesapeake and Ohio railway
to serve as a hub for coal shipping. By 1896 Newport News was the third largest city in Virginia.

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