exhibit 1

Almost every major  city is located near a major water feature (ocean, bay, river) and tourists frequently obtained spoons at these scenic sites.

harbor view spoons
All spoons are sterling
1. Duluth, Gorham, retailed by Geist & Erd
2. Portland, Maine, harbor view bowl and Longfellow's house cutout in stem, Wallace
3. Portland, Maine, state handle, Mechanics div of Watson also showing coat-of-arms, Longfellow and his house, observatory
on the back, lighthouse,  city hall, court house, soldiers monument
New York harbor, Mansfield
1. Montreal harbor view, enameled shaped bowl, no manufacturer mark
2. demi,  Quebec view with enameled handle, dated 1901
3. Levee Scene, Memphis, Tennessee handle, Wallace
4. Portland, Oregon harbor, Manchester/Baker,  state handle

portland maine spoon
nicely embossed handle showing the Portland, Maine harbor and skyline
even rain clouds (which is quite common in the area)

harbor new york spoon
Nicely engraved bowl showing the New York harbor and skyline
a lot of engraving detail in this spoon bowl

montreal skyline spoon
Nicely embossed view of the Montreal, Canada harbor and skyline

portland oregon harbor view spoon

Nicely embossed view of the Portland, Oregon harbor

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