The silver pieces in this exhibit are spoon/fork sets that were made to be display items.
I suspect that the same motive applied to the buyers of these pieces as applied to those who purchased or commissioned the spoons in the first exhibit in this series.

huge dutch ship sailing spoons
. There is a ruler at the bottom and there is a normal sized tea spoon at the right to help you visualize how big these spoons actually are.
1.  The spoon is 10.5" long and the fork is 10.25" long. German 800 silver
2. the fork is 9.25" long and the spoon is 9.125" long. Holland 835 silver, mfg. by HH - prob H. Hooijkaas of Schoonhaven (1906-1924)

Alert readers will probably notice that the stems in the first set are identical to the stem in the first spoon from the previous exhibit (you can check if you want)
so they were obviously made by the same silversmith firm.

dutch shield spoon silver
I wasn't able to trace this coat of arms despite looking at several hundred different rampant lion  variations
It was probably a custom order.

ship spoons
three masted ship

ship silver spoons
two puttis playing trumpets (for success?)

ship spoons  milkmaid
genre scene of milkmaid or water carrier with windmill in the background

ship spoon
sailing ship with furled sails

ship spoon milkmaid
detailed genre repousse picture of a milk maid/water carrier with ship and ducks in the background
as well as flora and trees

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