caddy server spoon ships dutch german
1.  unmarked spoon featuring a sail boat finial supported by a man with huge arms. I suspect that this spoon is from Schoonhaven ca. 1900-1920 and is probably 800 quality silver
2.  unmarked spoon featuring a  multi-masted ship supported by a flowered pedestal. I suspect that this spoon is from Shoonhaven ca. 1900-1920 and is probably 800 silver
3. unmarked serving spoon featuring a multi masted galleon supported by a column with a face. I suspect that this spoon is from Shoonhaven ca. 1900-1920 and is probably 800 silver

shaped caddy spoon bowl
perforated bowl with a wavy shape featuring 5 figures in a genre type setting around a table surrounded by flowers and foilage in an Art Nouveau style.
One man is eating, one is pouring a liquid and making a toast and the third appears to be holding a gun.
There is a girl and a woman in the background and a jug in the foreground. There is also a bird in the upper right.
The bowl is repousse/chased

ship caddy spoon
Perforated bowl featuring a two person scene that was made by repousse/chasing.
The left figure appears to be a woman holding a stick in her right hand and a very long handled spoon in her left hand at shoulder height.
The right figure appears to be a man seated at a table in front of a brick fireplace. He is supporting his head with his left hand
while the right arm is on the table. I am not sure of the dynamic here. It looks  to me like she is 'scolding' the man,but
that could just be my imagination. There is also some Art Nouveau styling in the foreground. all the holes were drilled individually.

ship caddy spoon
Wavy shaped perforated bowl featuring two love birds that have been hand chased into the  design.
All of the little holes were hand drilled and sawed.
This spoon was probably designed to be used at a marriage --you can see some similar designs at this exhibit

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