Australia and New Zealand Spoons  

Coin Spoons - Canada (Hong Kong)

Coin Spoon -Tiffany, Japan

Dragon spoons

Golf spoons

Good Luck Spoons (Oriental)

Indonesian Servers (large and unusual)  

Insect and bug spoons

Japanese Figural Demi Spoons

Japanese Geisha Spoons

Japanese gemstone spoons

Japanese lucky god spoons

Japanese Oyster Spoons

Japanese Samurai and Porcelain Finials

Japanesque Silver

Korean Enamel spoons & chopsticks

Rodent Spoons

Siam Ceremonial Spoons

Tibetan Tsog spoons

Yogya-Wayang-large #A
Yogya-Wayang -large #1
Yogya-Wayang -#2 -slices
Yogya-Wayang #3 -fish
Yogya-Wayang #4 -leaf servers
Yogya-Wayang #5-small flatware
Yogya-Wayang #6 -stirrers
Yogya--old style flatware

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