MasonicTemple, Chicago

There are a great many spoons depicting this building. Some of them are engraved, while others are embossed..

This 22 story (302 ft) tower was the largest building in Chicago for about 30 years. Click for more info

Bay City, Michigan

Carroll, Iowa

Toledo, Ohio

Very unusual Mason bonbon spoon (1913)

Detail of bowl

An art deco style cutout spoon with an overlay silver which has a picture of the Washington Monument. The caption says "nat Masonic Washington mem". tea size plain bowl. The mark on the back looks like the "masonic eye" under the world "sterling"

                                                                                    Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry

AASR freemason spoon

An unusual spoon for the AASR branch of Freemasonry. The handle depicts several of the elements of this organization and
the bowl has a nicely detailed picture of Washington's home, Mt. Vernon.
 (more Washington spoons can be seen here)

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