Switzerland is a parliamentary republic in western/central Europe and divided into 26 cantons with Bern being the capital city.

Protected by the Alps mountains, the land locked country has a reputation for being neutral and thus has avoided the wars
which its neighbors, Germany, France, Italy and Liechtenstein have been involved.

A large number of international organizations make their home in Zurich or Geneva.

all the spoons shown are either 800 or 900 quality silver

switzerland spoons

Lovely enameled bowls depicting various images of Switzerland
see below for a detail picture of the number 2 spoon bowl

switzerland spoons

See below for detail pictures of the two center spoon bowls

swiss girl costume spoons

switzerland spoons

The white cross on a red background is both the flag and the coat of arms of the Swiss Confederation

switzerland souvenir spoons

switzerland spoons

The bear is one of the oldest religious symbols in Switzerland. All the wild bears in the country are now extinct, but some have been imported for display purposes

switzerland spoons

The bear symbol is used for the cantons of  Bern and  Appenzell

switzerland spoons

 William Tell is a folk hero from the 15th century.  There are several variations of the story which are told.

switzerland maid spoon

There are at least 26 (and may be more) variations of this spoon which show maids in various local dresses

switzerland lion spoon

There are many spoons showing the Lion Monument of Lucerne (1821 by Lukas Ahorn)
The statue commemorates the Swiss Guards who were massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution

switzerland spoon

typical generic scene of majestic mountains

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